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What: CPSC Announces IAFCS as an AnchorIt! Advocate

CPSC Introduces Anchor It! Campaign Advocates—a Community Effort to End Deadly Tip-Overs

Anchor It!, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) national public education campaign aimed at preventing child deaths and injuries from furniture and TV tip-over incidents, today announced 20 organizations that have signed on to become Anchor It! Advocates and Community Leaders.

According to CPSC data, a child in the United States is taken to the emergency room every 24 minutes as a result of a tip-over incident. This campaign is a call to action to ensure that parents and caregivers learn about the dangers of furniture and TV tip-overs in the home, as well as simple, low-cost steps they can take to prevent these tragedies.

CPSC has signed agreements with the following organizations as the campaign’s first official Anchor It! Advocates and Community Leaders:

• American Academy of Pediatrics
• American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA)
• Another Day, Another “Chance”
• Beth Gniazdowski
• Brace it for Brayden
• Charlie’s House
• Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Injury Prevention Research Center
• Children’s Safety Network
• Cook Children’s Medical Center
• Debra Holtzman
• Full House Babyproofing
• Home Safety and Health
• International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS)
• Kids in Danger
• Meghan’s Hope
• New York State Department of State
• Quality Certification Alliance
• Safe and Sound with Amaya
• Safe Kids Worldwide
• Shane’s Foundation
• Walmart Stores, Inc.

Please visit CPSC for more information.

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